Suizen Shakuhachi Kenkyukai Denver, CO

Suizen = blowing Zen

Dōjō = place to practice the Way.

The Suizen Shakuhachi Dōjō is a non-profit shakuhachi institution that has the purpose to promote the japanese traditional culture and give access to anybody whot wishes to learn the shakuhachi - japanese root end ancient bamboo flute.

The shakuhachi dates back to the 7th Century and was used by Zen priests in Japan as a sacred instrument to reach enlightenment. 

The Kenkyukai (study group) was founded by Matheus Ferreira in 2010 in São Paulo City, Brazil. Originaly the Kenkyukai was meant to bring different shakuhachi master players to Brazil to teach and foment an intercultural exchange. But through out the years Matheus felt the need to travel to Japan in search of a master who was an actual holder of the ancient lineage of the shakuhachi with a complete cultural understanding of the japanese traditions.

In 2006 he met Kakizakai Kaoru, master player of the shakuhachi lineage of Yokoyama Katsuya and Watazumi Doso Roshi. Both Yokoyama and Watazumi taught tradition of honkyoku - the original music pieces for the shakuhachi.

Matheus and Kakizakai joined forces and now Kakizakai Kaoru is the main shakuhachi teacher at the Kenkyukai. Matheus organzes annual teaching workshops in Brazil and in the USA with the constant support from both Japan Foundation and the Consultate General of Japan, amongst other institutions. 

Nowadays The Suizen Shakuhachi Kenkyukai has branches in São Paulo, Brazil and as of 2014 in Denver, CO, USA.

Our american website is We are affiliated to the KSK - Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan of Japan, North America and Europe (KSK - International Training Center for the Shakuhachi). 

If you want to book a one time free-lesson, please contact Matheus at:  or call him at 720 550 3611.

Everybody is welcome!

Suizen Shakuhachi Kenkyukai Denver, CO